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Finance and political games made and covered by creators of Mobocratic. Game studio and gaming magazine publisher, Proqet is a two man studio focused on bringing value to finance and political game enthusiasts.

Independent Game Site – Proqet Magazine

Proqet Magazine is focused on political and economic simulation games.

Definition of simulation game:

A category of video games designed to closely simulate real world activities. Simulation games attempt to recreate real world activities often with the goal of training, analysis or making predictions.

– Wikipedia, modified

We’re passionate about simulation games. Both of the founders of Proqet Studios follow closely the happenings of the world. We’re interested in what happens and how and why it happens. This interest can be satisfied by playing a quality simulation game.

Proqet Game Site – What Does It Do?

We write analysis, reviews and interviews on games in political and finance games. The magazine aims to publish at least one article per month. Our goal is to provide value to all political and economic simulation game enthusiasts!

So far we’ve written articles on OpenTTD, Capitalism Lab, Industry Giant and Democracy 4. We are going to cover many more games in the future. The genres covered will continue to be political and finance games.

Proqet Studios – Political and Finance Games

Proqet Magazine was founded by Proqet Studios. We’re an independent two man game studio behind Mobocratic the presidential simulation game. In Mobocratic the player plays as the President of Bear Island. Bear Island is an imaginary state in an undisclosed location. The society is closed off from outside influence.

When you take on your role as the president, you get to be a central figure in forming a culture and a state of your liking. We built Mobocratic to be like “Minecraft of the mind”. This means being able to play out your political fantasies in a video game. To read more about Mobocratic’s origin story head to this article describing the story behind the game.

Proqet is currently working on a sequal to the original Mobocratic. Release date is not know but we will keep the audience updated. The concept is to create a simulator for the European Parliament. More details will come out shortly.

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