Proqet Studios? We thought that some of you visiting this website could be thinking something like: “What on earth is Proqet?”. Therefore we’d like to tell you something about us.

Proqet studios is a political gaming studio based in Helsinki, Finland. We create unique experiences to enrich the still so small field of political video gaming. The way to this uniqueness rises from our distinct way of doing things. Instead of imitating, we always pursue creating wholly new experiences that nobody even thought to be possible until we did it. A great example of this is our main product Mobocratic. Read the full background story here. Find Mobocratic on Steam here.

In addition to making political video games we also publish The Proqet Magazine which is the number one magazine for those who want to stay updated what’s going on in the political gaming industry. The Proqet Magazine publishes two to three articles in month which can be anything from game reviews to columns, not to forget analyses and interviews. So far we’ve published an article on Capitalism Lab which is a business simulation game from Enlight Software.

Besides making games and publishing a gaming magazine we also run a Discord -channel for Mobocratic. On the channel all Mobocratic -related conversation is welcome. In addition we have a text channel where all political /economic simulation game discussion is welcome. You can discuss exciting upcoming titles or give tips on old but gold games.

In summary Proqet is a game studio turned into an online magazine publisher with a goal of providing value to political / economic simulation gaming enthusiasts.