Democracy 4: Run like a true libertarian and win 80% of votes!

Democracy is a true definition for the political simulation genre – at least we were asked. As a political game geek, I have put incredible amount of hours for playing the predecessor of the latest entry to the series, Democracy 4. We have previously released an article telling the basics of that game. In this article we are going to give you insight how you could play that game as a libertarian and have only 20% of voters voting for the opposition. Feel free to criticize the straightforward way we’re doing politics -to be honest we’d even love to get some feedback from our gameplay decisions to the comment box below!

This time we’re playing the game as United Kingdom with three parties: our party is the minor Liberal Democratic Party that has somehow managed to win the election (we don’t know why, because we’re not political puppet masters but just some indie game developers). And, as a surprise, we didn’t change the another two parties so we have the Conservatives and Labour Party as our noisy opposition when we’re trying to reform the country for better.

As a Prime Minister, my first mission is to fire the old cabinet and appoint the new ministers. Our policy is simple: we don’t care are you a socialist or capitalist or a liberal or conservative, we just want to have the most capable ministers to do our liberal reforms! You just do what the PM wants, right?

As our first political decision we change the requirements for single adoptions. Our stance is pretty liberal, but as you voters voted for us, what else could you expect?

The question number one: how to balance the budget and still get re-elected?

Our number one problem is with the budget that we have to balance. What makes it challenging is that we want to do it in a smart way. We’re not going to make large budget cuts but instead replacing some systems we consider inefficient with better (or “better”) ones. And of course, we have also plans for improving the economy and growing our GDP. It’s the economy, stupid!

We noticed that the problem with organized crime is costing us £1.77 Bn in a year. That’s pretty much money, isn’t it? And… with a further inspection it became evident that legalized gambling is one reason for our nations high organized crime rate. You can always talk the talk but we have to walk the walk! So we’re going to ban gambling. This decision has a minor negative impact to the GDP and tourism but we’re going to fight the organized crime and therefore cut the budget expenses by having less expenses from crime. That’s brilliant!

Our another decision is to replace the state housing system with a market based rent controls system. That’s an example of optimizing the policies and making the use of taxpayers money more efficient.

Driving by the patriot support

We also signed some nationalist policies… just because we want to confirm we have a strong base voting for us in the next election… but this doesn’t have any real impact, does it?

Should we shame on us now? This is just our political strategy we’re playing with, but… is this a bit too much? I wouldn’t vote for a party that had the same practices in real life politics, but who cares?

As a way to fight the budget deficit, it’s the time to establish the welfare fraud department!

It starts to show up that our liberal administration is really pro-growth. Is the economic growth and dream of budget balance more and more like an obsession?

How to improve the GDP? Fighting the uncompetitive economy. How can we do so? By eliminating the corporation tax! This is trickle-down economics as its best (or worst). The price tag of that reform? 10 Billion pounds!

We also established some new scheme and grant programs for improving our GDP. Our economy is soon going to skyrocket!

“Mr. Prime Minister, your oligarch friends are asking for citizenships.” “Don’t we have those citizenship for sale laws already signed?” “Yes, sir, but the sad truth is that your friends are still not earning enough to be eligible.” “Oh, let’s solve it then…”

Now we have ditched the work safety law. I don’t even know how should I comment this.

How to get rid of traffic congestion

Traffic congestion is costs our nation too much, so our program for eliminating it is: (1) Build more roads (add supply), (2) Create incentives for telecommuting (reduce demand), (3) Enact the congestion charging law (reduce demand) and (4) Begin the car-pooling campaign (reduce demand). All of the needed steps have now been taken, so the results should follow!

Not corrupt at all!

How about improving the economy by a toxic waste dump program? YES! That’s the only truly libertarian answer.

CCTV cameras is a cost-effective way to improve the crime safety. So, let’s do it… without considering annoying things like privacy and so on.

First we nominate a patriot UN Ambassador instead of liberal one, then we attend the LGBT Play. This seems like playing card with two hands. One for first, second for another! That’s not corrupt at all.

Yes, we’re patriot but who said it would mean being religious too? We’ve seen the latest polls and know well the religious wouldn’t vote us in any case. So who stops us from angering them even more?

The elections are near, so it its time for the “patriotic bill” to fish the voters into our net. Which policies does this glorious bill include? Ahem! Running the foreign aid down, establishing biometric border checks, loosening the firearms law and giving budget for the National Armed Forces Week and some mighty military parades! This is the law all the rednecks loved to see signed!

Our administration is really interesting. At the same time we’re organizing military parades we launch a program giving free university scholarships for everyone and at the same time double the research budget. We also look for improving our technology level by establishing the new system of public funded technology colleges. With all these investments in our nations future we hope to see even stronger economic growth on the following parliament terms!

The election is coming

How can you known the elections are near without anyone saying so? Look for politicians giving empty promises and populist speeches to gather support and you will 99 percent surely know!

Our last magic trick just before the election: fire all the old ministers and hire new ministers that the people loves. Pop-singers, actors, entertainers, you name it!

Should this be called as winning a landslide – our biggest opposition being the non-voters? Our political tricks and spins really worked out. So… should we admit our strategy wasn’t too wrong?

So, what’s the legacy of libertarian first term? The environment has suffered, but our currency is stronger than ever before and people seem to love flying on air! This seems like a… caricature of libertarian capitalist utopia. The only unlucky exception is that the budget has such a large deficit it had at the start of term. But we have to defend ourselves: the £11 Bn corporate tax cut should be counted!

This is how it plays out on the political compass. Our politics was… as we promised, libertarian and we won 80% of votes. So, how should we play next time? Tell us in the comments section.

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